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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Currency used ?

- Australian Dollars and change your money before coming.

What Other Expenses are there ?

- Fanning Island Airport Departure Tax A$20

- Fishing Licence for all Fishermen A$50

- Beer and Beverages

Who is Fanning Island Surf ?

Fanning Island Surf is a partnership between Buraing ‘Ray’ Hugill, David Elgas, & Peter Harding. Buraing, is a local from Kiribati and is Peter’s business partner with Christmas Island, which now has 8 years of experience looking after surfers on CI. David for 5 years has had a Kayak Fishing Tours business on CI. Fanning Island Surf accommodates our guests with I-Kiribati local & community owned facilities. Fanning Island Surf also sponsors local community projects like providing safe water with high-tech water purification systems & equipment.


Buraing ‘Ray’ Hugill:

- Buraing (who’s nickname is Ray) is a born & bred I-Kiribati local, and is a passionate fisherman. He’s happily married with 3 daughters and 2 sons. Ray went to school in NZ and then to University in Australia to study Electrical Engineering, so he’s more than just a pretty face!  Due to Ray’s schooling he has a great understanding of our guest’s needs and is the ‘go to’ to get things done. Ray has been the local face of Christmas Island Surf for 8 successful years and he hopes that his sons will be the first Kiribati surf champs.

David Elgas:

- David lives on Hawaii’s North Shore, has surfed for 43 years, is a published writer, and a professional fishing guide. David is the co-owner of Coastal Kayak Tours Hawaii and now has 5 years of Kiribati experience with his Christmas Island Fishing Adventures business. David currently holds the World Record for the Largest Barracuda ever caught from a kayak and he recently appeared on the Discovery Channel’s fishing show “Pacific Warriors”.  Click here for more on David & “Pacific Warriors”.


Peter Harding:

- Peter lives at Piha Beach New Zealand and started passionately surfing in 1973. In 2008 he helped established which has been Christmas Island’s only Surf Specialist. Peter and Ray have successfully hosted hundreds of surfers, fishermen and kiteboarders on Christmas Island and have experience on their side. Peter has always been on the search for remote uncrowded surf. He has a colorful story book about intrepid journeys to surf perfect waves, before they were on the map. He can be seen in the NZ surf documentary “Old Men of the Point”, and more recently played the character ‘Hunter’ in a movie called “The Z-Nail Gang”. Click here for an article about Peter written in 2003 (before he found out about Christmas Island) from NZ Surf magazine.

What other activities is there to do ?

- Kayak Fishing Hire* $25 /day

- Bike Tour* $40 /tour + Bike Hire

- Bike Hire* $5 /day

- Traditional Night Net Fishing* (low tide bring booties) $40 /group/night

- Fishing Boat & Boatman $250 /day (max 3 fishers)

- Boat Hire $100 /day

- Motorbike Hire $30 /day + gas

- Channel Drift Snorkeling

* Only available at Cables Surf Lodge

Is Fanning Island named after Mick Fanning ?

- Some may think that because Mick Fanning is one of the best surfers in the world and Fanning Island has one of “The Best Lefts in the World”, that there is a connection. Not that we know of, but as it was named after a Captain Edmund Fanning, who rediscovered the uninhabited island in 1798, there is always a remote chance that Eddie & Mick are related !!


Can we go Fishing ?

- Yes, specialised Fishing Trips can be arranged. Our remoteness has ensured that our fishing is still absolutely pristine. Our rich abundant marine playground is still exactly as nature intended it to be….prolific! Special Fishing trips can be arranged for the following price:

Boat & Boatman Hire - AUS $250 /day - Max. of 3 Fishers


What else should we bring ?

- Snorkelling gear, fishing gear, small reefcut medical kit, wax, spare leggy, a hat....


What is Fanning Island’s history and is the totally sick wave that is Cables Right a man-made construct dude ?

- Archaeological discoveries have shown that Fanning Island was inhabited by a substantial & thriving population from 600 to 1200 years ago. They traded throughout the Pacific, then mysteriously disappeared from the island altogether and vanished into history. One theory suggested is that they joined the Hawaiian migration. Included in the ancient discoveries are maraes, burial mounds, adzes & fish hooks. One clue archaeologists have is that the adzes were made from basalt quarried in Tonga. 

- 400 years later Captain Edmund Fanning rediscovered the island and it later became a coconut plantation. Then in 1902 a Telephone Cable Relay Station was setup near the village Napari. The cable was 5500 miles in total length and joined Australia & New Zealand to Canada. To allow ships direct access to the Station they dynamited a massive hole and deep passage in the coral reef. This reef gap now has the great waves of Cables right & Whalers left breaking down each side of it. And then in 1914 the German Cruiser Nurnburg, whilst flying a French flag, sent ashore a commando team that attacked and disabled the station. The Cable Station was quickly repaired and continued until 1964.

How big is Fanning Island ?

- Fanning Island is a 7 miles by 11 miles ring type atoll shaped like a footprint in the sand - a “heavenly footprint”. It has about 13 square miles of land which fringes the expansive translucent lagoon. Fanning Island is 228 nautical miles north of the equator and still in the equatorial convergence zone, which means offshore winds all year.


What are your Terms of Trade ?

- 50% of your total invoice is to be paid for your Booking Deposit, and the other 50% paid 2 months prior to your arrival date.

  Please click here for our Full Terms of Trade.

Is that Kelly Slater surfing English Harbour Left ?

- No it isn’t Kelly Slater but another very fortunate chap looking just as youthful & handsome, due to nature’s glorious gift of premature male pattern baldness.


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