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English Channel Left:
* Best Season: mostly from May to October for the South swell.

1. English Channel Left is One of The Best Lefts in the World and is our "Poster Child" - The Channel left is 140 meters of tubing pure perfection! The locals say "that it breaks long enough to sing 2 songs"! Some have even compared it to Cloudbreak. The Channel Left also breaks on the NW swells, with the wave becoming a short & very sucky barrel.

Cables Right, Whalers Left & Trees Rights:
* Best Season: mostly from October to April with the same very consistent season as Hawaii’s North Shore.

2. Cables Right is a perfect almond-shaped medium-speed tube which works on all sizes and will hold big swell. It breaks similar to English Left but not as long. Although less well known than The Channel, Cables is also a world class wave. Being close to Hawaii, Cables is also very consistent and can also hold big swells.

3. Whalers Left is a fun Hot-Dog wave with great tube sections. It breaks into the sandy man-made channel just across from Cables. Whalers will also catch some SW swell wrap too and it is common for Cables and Whalers to be both firing on a NW swell.

4. Trees Right is 400 meters north of Cables and is a long right that isn't as hollow as Cables. It is an easy learners wave and is also an indicator for sets at Cables.

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